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Life is a grave...dig it.

I'm the rotten seed in the mouth of a world that wants to spit me out

Wicked Priest
22 September 1981
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Well I needed to finally update and redo this. I'm trying to do a personal reformation of my life, and I need to start at the ground up and just be more honest on here. I'm 27 and working as a manager at Guitar Center (dream job or what?). At night I'm a co-founder of the production company Whatcha Drinkin? Productions that does most everything. Between a comedy Show Video Difficulties, short films, filming local wrestling promotions, and our most recient venture of concert promotion. (thats old stuff, just nothing to replace it with atm that I can think of) I consider myself clinicly single since i've been involved with a grand total of 5 people. I am a LaVey satanist. No, this doesn't mean that I worship Satan, I don't even believe in the guy. I'm all the god that's needed. I don't kill people or animals in the name of some Infernal Lord of the Pit, or whatever the fuck people think. I just worship myself. I also suffer from clinical depression and that makes sure things are never quite dull around me. I guess that most people would classify me as emo with my attitude, even though my clothing, style, and majority of music doesn't match this title. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'm not ashamed of it. I'm not hard to get to know, but very few people are able to actually understand me. I could probably count the number of people who do on one hand.

I am one of those pierced, tattooed, shaved head freaks that your mother warned you about. But I'm probably one of the nicest people that you'll ever meet in your life if you truly get to know ME. I put on the asshole facade because that's what's expected. What can I say...I'm a good actor.

In my spare time I write poetry or song lyrics, and I've played the guitar for about 12 years now. I've performed in The Rocky Horror Picture Show for over 8 years now, currently with Broadway Bound and Gagged as the main Criminologist. I also perform with Video Difficulties, check out www.videodifficulties.com

That's about all there is to me on the surface. You have to dig a little bit deeper if you want to know more though.

Medievia.com - Do you DARE enter?
Medievia.com - Do You DARE Enter?

Horror Is Love

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Satan is Love

The Old Nickelodeon is love.

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